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Axle Collar

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* Axle Collar:

This axle collar is used as a solid bushing inside the freebody to hold it in the optimum position. This item is specific to freebody types, so it is included with the freebody kit. If you are purchasing a freebody kit, this item does not need to be added additionally.

In the unlikely event that your axle collar has broken, you may wish to inspect the axle for damage. Alloy axles are more susceptible to damage from loose fragments.

If you need an axle collar, the type will depend primarily on the number of pawls your freebody has. Most current models have 4-pawl freebodies. If you have a 3-pawl freebody, there is nothing wrong with it, but the dimensions are a little different, so it will use a different piece. New freebodies include the appropriate axle collar. Some models do not require an axle collar, for example, the Bracciano 5-bearing hub uses a roller bearing in place of a one-piece bushing.

Type # Pawls Models
A - 960 4 Pawls Bortola 2.0 (Shimano and Campy), Bortola 1.0 (Shimano) (click to see the difference), Bracciano 4-Bearing (click to see the difference), Gavia V2 (click to see the difference), Paula, Padova, Vicenza, Revo (CL, 6-Bolt), Rome, Ignis
B - 192 3 Pawls Bracciano 4-Bearing (click to see the difference), Gavia V2 (click to see the difference), Revo Comp, Paula, Padova, Vicenza, Ignis
C - 966 3 Pawls Bortola (Campy)
NONE n/a Bracciano 5-Bearing (click to see the difference), Gavia V1 (click to see the difference), Lignano, Rosa, Veleta, Verona, Garda, Como

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* Please have the wheel serviced by a qualified technician. Damage caused by improper installation not covered by warranty.

**Duty and taxes are not included, as these are imposed by the destination country and may be payable by the recipient according to the Customs regulations in your home country. In many cases, the shipper will facilitate this for you. To find out more, please contact your country's Customs and Border Services.

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