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2-in-1 Axle Kits

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This axle kit contains parts for 2-in-1 wheels (Padova and Vicenza) including one road axle with end cap, shim and lock ring, one track axle with hardware and one 16 tooth cog. The freebody can be found here.

If you would like just the road axle kit (click for pic) or the track axle kit (click for pic), please find them under item PW-X-PAA-RQ or PW-X-PAA-RK on this page.

Please note that the axle collar is sold separately as an individual piece here or is sold with the freebody. The axle collar is not included with this kit and is no longer available to be added at no cost.

For directions on how to do the swap, view the video here.

This item is the same for both the Padova and the Vicenza and can be used interchangeably.

* Please have the wheel serviced by a qualified technician. Damage caused by improper installation not covered by warranty.

**Shipping is calculated in 500g increments. Combined shipping may be available for this item. Items are shipped on Wednesday and Friday of each week from Taiwan. Shipping costs will be calculated during checkout. Duty and taxes are not included, as these are imposed by the destination country and may be payable by the recipient according to the Customs regulations in your home country. In many cases, the shipper will facilitate this for you. For more information, please contact your country's Customs and Border Services.

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