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Order codes can be found in the charts in the description at the bottom of the page.

* Front or Rear Wheel:

* Bearing Kit Order Code:

Bearings are often readily available locally at good prices. The bearing codes will show you the numbers to purchase at your local bearing supply shop. Suffixes of -F and -R are for our inventory system only and can be ignored if purchasing through a 3rd party bearing vendor. The sizes are standardized, but there may be a difference in quality from brand to brand and according to the country of manufacture. Our bearings are made in Japan by EZO Precision Ball Bearings. There is one exception to this which is a non-standard size, while retaining peak performance.

All bearing kits include two bearings. This bearing kit covers the main bearings inside the hub shell that support the axle. The bearings inside the freebody are not sold separately.

Loose ball bearings include only steel balls. Note that axle kits for loose ball type wheels do include a set of steel balls, so if you are ordering an axle, there is no need to order a bearing kit as well.

If you are unsure, take a clear pic of your wheel and contact us.

Here is a chart of models available and their order codes:


Wheel Name Order Code
Antero Carbon V1 (all sizes), Antero XC V1 (all sizes) (Click to see the V1 vs V2) 2x(6704-2RS)
Antero Carbon V2 (all sizes), Antero XC V2 (all sizes) (Click to see the V1 vs V2), Avanzo XC (all sizes), Avanzo AM (all sizes) 2x(6803-2RU)
Antero AM (all sizes) 2x(6805-2RU)
Avanzo XC (all sizes), Avanzo AM (all sizes) 2x(6804-2RS-CM)
Bortola (all models, V1 and V2), Bracciano (all models), Verona A25W 2x(699-2RU)-F
Cicilia (all models) 2x(6803-2RU)
Como DS, Como (non-DS version) 22x(3/16)
Garda DS, Garda (non-DS version), Garda DS 650 2x(609-2RU)-F
Gavia (all models) 2x(699-2RU)-F
Ignis XC (all sizes), Ignis AM (all sizes) 2x(6902-2RU)-F
Lignano C50T, Vicenza (all models), Rosa A30, Rosa 650C for Kid’s Track Bike 2x(6000LLB-2RU)-F
Luciano, Merano A25W, Merano A25W Gravity 2x(609-2RU)-F
Paula 2x(6902-2RU)-F
Revo (all models) 2x(6902-RU)-F
Rome Front 2x(699-2RU)-F
Vicenza Front (all models) 2x(6000LLB-2RU)-F
Veleta (all sizes) 2x(6804-2RS-CM)


Wheel Name Order Code
Antero (all models, all sizes) (6902-2RU)+(6809-2RS)
Avanzo XC (all sizes), Avanzo AM (all sizes) 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Bortola (all models, V1 and V2) (6802-2RU)+(15267-2RS)
Cicilia (all models) (6902-2RU)+(6809-2RS)
Bracciano 4-Bearing (*Click to see the difference) (Typically C50T, Caliente and A42) (6802-2RU)+(6902-2RU)
Bracciano 5-Bearing (*Click to see the difference) (Typically A27 and 650C) 2x(6901-2RU)
Como DS, Como (non-DS version) (Shimano/SRAM) 18x(1/4)
Como DS, Como (non-DS version) (Campy) 9x(1/4)+11x(3/16)
Luciano, Merano A25W, Merano A25W Gravity (6001LLB-2RU)+(6901LLB-2RU)
Garda DS* Garda DS 650* (*This may be an upgrade compared to the original bearings) 2x(6000LLB-2RU)-R
Gavia (all models - V2 Hub) - To identify a V2, look for the "V2" text on the hub (click for a pic to show the difference). (6802-2RU)+(6902-2RU)
Gavia (all models - V1 Hub) - The V1 hub is similar, but does not have the "V2" text and has a multi-part end cap (click for a pic to show the difference).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Gavia V1 axles are no longer available. If you have a broken axle, you will need to purchase a replacement V2 hub. Parts are not compatible.
Ignis XC (all sizes), Ignis AM (all sizes) 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Padova (all models), Rome Road, Rome Track, Vicenza (all models) 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Paula 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Revo (all models) 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Rome (both models) 2x(6902-2RU)-R
Rosa (all models) 2x(6000LLB-2RU)-R
Veleta (all sizes) (6000LLB-2RU)+(6001LLB-2RU)
Verona A25W 2x(6000LLB-2RU)-R

* Please have the wheel serviced by a qualified technician. Bearings are easily damaged by installing with pressure on the inner race. Damage caused by improper installation not covered by warranty.

**Shipping is calculated in 500g increments. Combined shipping may be available for this item. Items are shipped on Wednesday and Friday of each week from Taiwan. Shipping costs will be calculated during checkout. Duty and taxes are not included, as these are imposed by the destination country and may be payable by the recipient according to the Customs regulations in your home country. In many cases, the shipper will facilitate this for you. To find out more, please contact your country's Customs and Border Services.

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